See Ocean Isle Beach from the Sky!

Ocean Isle Beach View from Sky DroneSee a spectacular view of Ocean Isle Beach from the sky! A camera drone got a new vantage point of the beautiful beach and takes you for a trip that only birds get to take. Check out the video and really see Ocean Isle Beach from a different angle!

Video from BlueSkyPhoto


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Free Concert This Friday!

Band of OzThis Friday, August 29th, come enjoy a free summer concert of the year with Band of Oz at the Ocean Isle Beach Concert Series.

In the mid sixties the group known as Band of Oz had its humble beginnings in eastern North Carolina. Back then the band was a guitar and keyboard group playing the sock hops at area schools, a few private parties, and the occasional club. With the addition of more members in the 70s, the band began to find their sound–the sound of sweet Southern Beach Music. They’ve come a long way and added a lot to their performance including their own songs and an album of their own, but they’re still just guys that want to make you get up and dance!

Refreshments are on sale to help fund the events, so be sure to bring a little of cash.

All concerts are FREE!

6:30PM – 8:00PM On the stage in the parking lot at Museum of Coastal Carolinas on Ocean Isle Beach

To see the entire Summer Concert Series Schedule Click Here


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Labor Day Sand Sculpture Contest!

Labor Day Sandcastle Contest on OIB

Come to the Labor Day weekend Family Sand Sculpture Contest at Ocean Isle Beach, NC Saturday, August 30th  at Ocean Isle Beach.

The Ocean Isle Beach Family Sand Sculpture Contest will be from 10:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, August 30th, on the beach behind the Ocean Isle Beach Community Center, at 44 E. First St.

The contest is sponsored by the Ocean Isle Property Owners Association and the Museum of Coastal Carolina

Participants can enter a choice of one of two divisions—family or children. Teams in the family division can have up to four adults and an unlimited number of children.

Participants in the children’s division must be 13 or younger and have no help from anyone older. Both divisions are instructed to have fun.

Sculptures can be of anything and can be used with natural materials found on the beach. Items can be found prior to the competition. Sculptors are asked to bring their own tools but are reminded to take them home at the end of the competition.

Sculpting cannot begin before 10:30 a.m. Judging will take place at 1 p.m. Sculptures will be judged on originality, quality of work and group fun. Trophies and prizes will be awarded for all divisions.

Sculptures can be left after the competition, but participants are asked to fill in any large holes. Remember to stay off the dunes at all times.

For registration and official rules, visit the Museum of Coastal Carolina, at 21 E. Second St., or contact the Ocean Isle Beach Property Owners Association,

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Try Out These Summer Inspired Cocktails!

Summer is here! It’s hot and sunny, and you could use a drink to cool off! Why not try one of these great Summer inspired cocktails? After all, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere so take a little sip of Summer!

The Beach Towel DrinkThe Beach Towel

Makes Two Servings

4 oz. white rum
3 oz. simple syrup
1 oz.fresh lime juice
10 strawberries
½ oz. heavy cream
1 small banana, sliced

Using blender, blend half the rum, syrup, juice, berries, and 1 ½ cups ice together. Pour into 2 glasses; freeze. Blend remaining rum, syrup, juice, cream, bananas, and 1 ½ cups ice. Pour over strawberry blend.

The Beach BreezeThe Beach Breeze

1 oz. Pineapple Rum
1 oz. Coconut Rum
2 oz. Orange Juice
2 oz. Pineapple Juice
1 oz. Grenadine
Cherry for garnish

Pour the two Rums into an ice filled glass. Add the 2 juices, stir, and then add the Grenadine. You can stir again, or just let the Grenadine settle to the bottom of your glass. Garnish with a Cherry, add a long straw, and enjoy your delicious Beach Breeze.

Watermelon MargaritasWatermelon Margarita

3 ounces fresh watermelon juice (blend approx. 3 cups of watermelon until smooth)
Juice of 1.5 limes
1 ounce fresh-squeezed orange juice
2 ounces tequila
1 teaspoon sugar or agave

Add all of the ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake for 20 seconds. Strain over a glass with ice.

Pina Colada Summer CocktailsClassic Piña Colada

Makes 4 Servings

1/2 cup rum
1/4 cup coconut milk
1/4 cup pineapple chunks
1/2 cup coconut cream
ice, enough to fill half the blender
slices of pineapple, optional for garnish
maraschino cherry, optional for garnish

Mix ingredients in a blender and serve. Garnish with cherry or pineapple slice.


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Free Night Special!

Free Night Special The Winds Resort Beach ClubKnow how to get a free night’s stay at the beach? If you book your 7-Day stay with us you get 7 Days for the price of 6! So go ahead and stay the whole week, you deserve it!

This Free Night Special offer is a great value for the price of 6!  Book Your Week Long Vacation and Receive the 7th Night for FREE! This offer is good until March 12, 2015!!


Please call 800.334.3581 to schedule your vacation or click here to book online! 

Rates are subject to change and based on availability.  Offer not valid on existing reservations and may not be combined with other offers. Date restrictions may apply.


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Top 5 Things To Do in Ocean Isle Beach

If you’re looking for things to do on vacation while in Ocean Isle Beach, there are tons of places, activities and attractions to keep you busy. But we’ve compiled some of the things you absolutely must see and do before you leave!

Things to do in Ocean Isle Beach1. Our Beaches. The southern North Carolina Beaches are simply the best, they’ve been voted the third best beaches in the nation! Our powder white sand and calm surf are perfect for your family. Our beaches, unlike so many others on the east coast, and un-congested with high-rises and flashy beach shops everywhere the eye can see. This is the way the beach is supposed to be, so grab some beach chairs, build a sandcastle and relive the good ol’ days of relaxing sun filled days!

2. The Museum of the Coastal Carolinas. You might think who wants to visit a museum on vacation? But this is a museum different than others you may have been to. Come learn about a world of sharks, sea turtles, surfing and more! The museum also offers summer camps and programs for kids. For more information about what’s going on at the museum visit

OIB Free Summer Concert3. Free Summer Concerts. One of the best things about summer is taking any excuse to be outside! Every Friday, Ocean Isle Beach holds a free outdoor concert with some of the best beach music, rock and roll, oldies, and Mowtown around! The concerts start at 6:30pm in the parking lot of the Museum of the Coastal Carolinas. Admission is free, just bring a chair and get ready to dance all night long!

4. Silver Coast Winery. A great day trip for the adults, not only does Silver Coast Winery produce all its own wines in house, but it also has its very own vineyard right outside. Come enjoy a relaxing afternoon with a wine tasting, take a tour of the vineyards and the barrel room, enjoy the gift shop with local art, and take in the scenery on the front porch with a nice glass of something from the coast. Even take home a bottle or two with you! Silver Coast is a great way to spend an afternoon!

Ocean Isle Turtle Watching5. Turtle Watching. One of the amazing things that happens every year in our area is the sea turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs. Here at Ocean Isle and other nearby beaches we have several volunteer organizations that help in the process. They do everything from walking the beaches to look for nests, giving informational “Turtle Talks” at the museum, and helping the baby turtles make it back to sea once they’ve hatched. It’s truly a wonderful thing to see and a great experience to be a part of! These organizations are always looking for volunteers, if you’re interested visit their website and make your vacation extra memorable!



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Island Escape Package

Island EscapeCome enjoy North Carolina’s coast at its best! The island is perfect this time of year, un-crowded and the temperatures are mild. Take a few days for yourself and come enjoy our beach at this beautiful time of year. Come soak up some of the best we have to offer including a tour of a local winery, great beach dining, and best of all great days spent at the beach!

This Package is for two people for two nights and is valid seven days a week.

August 9th through September 1st, 2014 the package rate is from $377.00 for two people

September 2nd through September 30th, 2014 the package rate is from $315.00 for two people

October 1st through February 28, 2015 the package rate is from $213.00 for two people

Island Escape Package Includes:

  • Two night’s accommodations*
  • A bottle of Champagne or Sparkling Cider
  • Tour the Silver Coast Winery with a wine tasting
  • Dinner for two at your choice of: Sharky’s Waterfront Restaurant or Roberto’s Italian Ristorante
  • Hot Southern Breakfast Buffet for two each morning
  • Free Water Aerobic classes
  • Complimentary bikes to explore the island
  • Discounts to area restaurants and shops

*Accommodations Are: Two people in an oceanfront Jasmine Guest Room, Wisteria Mini Suite, Azalea Petite Suite or an Island View Camellia Guest Room.

Please call 800.334.3581 to make your restaurant reservation and schedule your winery tour at least 5 days prior to your arrival. Roberto’s Italian Ristorante is available Monday through Saturday.


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A Day in the Life of a Sea Turtle Volunteer

At Ocean Isle Beach and several other nearby beaches we are lucky to have volunteers who look after, care for, and help our sea turtles, even in the most dire of circumstances. The story below is written by a member of our local Ocean Isle Beach Sea Turtle Protection Organization detailing a rescue attempt. Some visitors sculpted this beautiful Sea Turtle on Ocean Isle to show appreciation for the turtles and their volunteers.



Deb and Jim Boyce received a call from a visitor to Ocean Isle Beach. Deb and Jim are the Island Coordinators for the Ocean Isle Beach Sea Turtle Protection Organization (OIBSTPO). The visitor reported that a large sea turtle was floundering in the surf at the Lumberton access on the East end of the island. Deb immediately called the volunteers who had signed up for stranding duty, including transport and necropsy. She then dropped Jim off at the storage shed to get the John Deere Gator, an ATV that the OIBSTPO uses to patrol the beach. Jim wanted the Gator at the site “just in case” the turtle was large. Linda Stackhouse, Marcia Heady and Neal Wyckoff were already at the stranding site. The turtle was still in the surf and the tide was coming in. And yes, the turtle was large…at least 300 pounds!

Upon examination, the group noted that both front flippers were missing and the turtle had a very deep gash in its head that went from its nose to just behind the right eye. Somehow, it was still alive. The beach visitors who had gathered at the site enthusiastically offered to help. Six large, strapping guys lifted the turtle and, with the guidance of Linda, Neal, and Marcia, carefully placed it in the bed of the Gator. The wounds appeared to be fresh and most likely were caused by a boat strike earlier in the day. With Neal riding shotgun in the back of the Gator with the turtle, they took it to the storage shed for transfer to the van. Upon arrival, Neal took the hose and gently sprayed the turtle with fresh water to cool it down. As they were trying to come up with the best way to transfer the big turtle to the van, two gentlemen appeared seemingly out of nowhere and offered to help. With their help, the turtle transfer was accomplished. Marcia, Deb, and Jim jumped in the van with the turtle and began their trip. Linda and Neal stayed in Ocean Isle Beach and cleaned up the Gator. 

Normally, an injured sea turtle would be driven to The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center at Topsail. However, due to the extent of this turtle’s injuries, the group was on its way to transfer the turtle to Sarah Finn. Sarah is the Sea Turtle Stranding Coordinator for the NC Sea Turtle Project run by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission. Sarah planned to take the injured turtle to a veterinarian in Beaufort who was standing by to examine it. The hope was that the turtle might be a candidate for prosthesis (artificial front flippers).

The Ocean Isle group met Sarah in Leland. Once again, they considered how to transfer the big turtle. Marcia approached a couple of guys who were talking next to their truck in the parking lot and convinced them to come over and help. With their help, the transfer from the van to Sarah’s State vehicle was completed. 

Jim later noted that, in situations like this, every effort or task is equally important. He would like to extend a special “thank you and well done” to the rescue volunteers, beach visitors, residents, and complete strangers who assisted with the turtle. It appears that there are a lot of people who sincerely care about defenseless animals and will go out of their way to help them.

Deb and Jim would like to also thank the Town of Ocean Isle Beach for providing an environment and atmosphere that attract the type of caring visitors who were so eager to help this injured turtle. Visitors and residents are always there to help whenever needed. Thanks also to the OIB Maintenance Department; you are always there to help when help is needed.

Epilogue: Sarah stopped at the sea turtle hospital in Topsail where the injured turtle received heavy doses of pain killers to help it relax. When Sarah and the turtle arrived in Beaufort, the vet examined him and sadly determined that he had to euthanize the injured animal. It was a sad ending, but not all that unusual. Many stranded sea turtles that are rescued do not survive. But some do, and this is what the OIBSTPO and other sea turtle protection organizations are all about.    

OIB-Sea-Turtles*Note: Remember these important rules and help keep our sea turtles safe!

1. Avoid disturbing a turtle that is crawling to or from the ocean. Do not crowd or attempt to ride a turtle. Do not shine lights or take flash photos of the turtle. Stay off the turtle tracks. Sit quietly in the dark, at a distance, to watch her. It is against the law to disturb her and/or her nest in any way.

2. Stay clear of turtle nests. Avoid walking or riding vehicles near the nest. Stay off the turtle tracks. Do not disturb markers or screens that may be protecting the nests. Markers usually consist of wooden stakes outlined with bright tape or ribbon.

3. Keep your lights off. Lights disturb nesting turtles and hatchlings. Please turn off your outdoor lights and shield indoor lights from shining on the beach at night. We ask the cooperation of all beach front house renters, owners, businesses, and hotels to turn off beach lights during nesting and hatching season from May to late October. Allow hatchlings to make their way safely to the ocean. Do not touch the hatchlings. Keeping hatchlings is illegal.

4. Don’t Litter. Pick up and place ALL trash in barrels. Fill in sand castles, trenches, and holes before leaving the beach. Do not leave your canopy, umbrella, or chairs on the beach overnight. These all present dangers and can cause death to turtles and their hatchlings. Avoid using flashlights, fireworks, or flash photography while on the beach at night. It is against Federal and State Laws to touch or disturb nesting sea turtles, hatchlings, or nests. If you are a smoker, to avoid cigarette littering on our beach, please take a portable ash tray/butt tin with you. Don’t forget a butt bin can be as simple as an empty film canister or breath mint container!

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Kindred Spirit Mailbox on CBS News!

Sunset Beach Kindred Spirit Mailbox on CBS Evening NewsThe Kindred Spirit Mailbox on Sunset Beach made its national television debut last night! CBS Evening News took a look at the unique landmark, its history, and people who are continuing the legend. They interviewed Frank Nesmith, who along with his then-girlfriend put up the original mailbox on Bird Island, NC.

For over 30 years, vacationers from all over the globe have traveled the 1.5 miles from the end of Sunset Beach to have a tranquil moment at the mailbox. Thousands have poured their hearts out, wrote letters to people they’ve lost, and described the beauty of the scene before them in journals left by the Kindred Spirit. Hundreds of these journals are now in the library collection of UNCW.

The “Kindred Spirit” and Frank are both unable to make the trek out to Bird Island, so they have recruited volunteers including local author Jacqueline DeGroot to keep the mailbox going. DeGroot replenishes the journals and makes sure the ones filled with messages find their way to safe keeping. DeGroot even organized a volunteer effort to fix the mailbox, the adjacent bench, and the flag pole after damage in Hurricane Irene. (See the article here)

The CBS feature showed how beautiful this unusual landmark is and how lucky we are to live in such a magical place.

See the CBS Feature Video:

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Summer Schedules for OIB Museum & Ingram Planetarium

Museum of Coastal Carolina Summer ScheduleThe Museum of Coastal Carolina and Ingram Planetarium have some great programs lined up for this summer. The summer schedule begins May 23rd. Summer hours are Monday through Thursday 10:00am-8:00pm, Friday 10:00am-5:00pm, and Saturday 10:00am-1:30pm. The museum closes at 5:00 PM on Fridays for Concerts on the Coast – free weekly concerts sponsored by the Ocean Isle Property Owners Association. The concerts run from 6:30 to 8:00 PM. Bring your own chair and picnic supper, sit back, and enjoy the music.

Museum of the Coastal Carolinas:

Family programs at the Museum of Coastal Carolina take place every weekday:

Monday – 11:00 Touch Tank Feeding; 3:30 Odyssey of the Sea Turtle; 6:00 Family Pirate Games (includes craft for kids)
Tuesday – 11:00 Movie; 3:30 Megabites!  All About Sharks; 6:00 Sandbar Lecture Series (see list of topics and guest speakers below)
Wednesday – 11:00 Touch Tank Feeding; 3:00 Ocean Isle Fire & Rescue Program (if available); 3:30 Who Are You Swimming With? (includes craft for kids); 6:00 Beachy Bingo
Thursday – 11:00 Movie; 3:30 Ocean Reef Explorer (includes craft for kids); 6:00 Snakes Alive
Friday – 11:00 Touch Tank Feeding; 6:30 Concerts on the Coast

The Sandbar Lecture Series at 6:00 PM on Tuesday evenings is co-sponsored by OIB Surf & Java and features a variety of interesting topics and knowledgeable guest speakers:

May 27 – The Holocaust: My Family’s Escape from Nazi Germany – Guest speaker: Alfred Schnog
June 3 – Coastal Carolina Native Americans – Guest speaker: Vern Bender
June 10 – Meet the Battleship North Carolina – Guest speaker: Kim Robinson Sincox
June 17 – The Golden Age of Piracy – Guest speaker: Brett Ortmann Riggs
June 24 – The History of the Constitution and the Early Republic – Guest speaker: Brett Ortmann Riggs
July 8 – Coast Walk NC – Guest speakers: Peter & Cathy Meyer
July 15 – Shipwrecks: Living History – Guest speaker: Pete Nawrocky
July 22 – Wings of Opportunity: The Wright Brothers’ Time in Alabama – Guest speaker: Julie Hedgepeth Williams
July 29 – Sea Biscuit Shelter and Migrating Waterbirds – Guest speaker: Mary Ellen Rogers
August 5 – Sharks! – Guest speaker: Andy Gould
August 12 – Marine Mammals of Southern California – Guest speaker: Dean Gomersall

The Museum of Coastal Carolina is located at 21 East Second Street in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Admission is free for Museum and Dual (Planetarium) members. Non-member all-day admission is $8 for adults (13-61), $7 for seniors (62+), $6 for children (3-12), and free for children age 2 and under. For more information about summer programs at the Museum, call 910-579-1016 or visit

Ingram Planetarium Summer ScheduleIngram Planetarium:

Ingram Planetarium in Sunset Beach begins its summer season on May 23rd. During the summer, doors will open at 10:30 Monday through Saturday.

This summer, the planetarium is featuring three new shows! Here is the summer schedule for Sky Theater Dome Shows:
11:00 – Legends of the Night Skies – Half price admission!
12:00 – Free! See the list of topics below.
1:00 – New! Dinosaur Passage to Pangaea
2:00 – New! Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure
3:00 – Undiscovered Worlds – followed by a live star show
4:00 – New! Back to the Moon for Good – followed by a live star show
5:00 – Dynamic Earth

On weekdays, the planetarium offers free noon programs:
Monday – What’s Up in the Sky This Week – Learn how to identify the stars, planets, and constellations that can be seen in the night sky of the South Brunswick Islands.
Tuesday – History of Technology – Watch technology develop across the ages; each week will focus on a specific period of time.
Wednesday – Sea Turtle Talk (12:00) & Exploration of the Paul Dennis Science Hall (11:30-1:30) – Sea Turtle Talk is presented by the Sunset Beach Turtle Watch Program and concerns  the life cycle of sea turtles, particularly the loggerheads that nest on Sunset Beach every summer. Before and after the sea turtle program, a staff member will help you explore the Paul Dennis Science Hall.
Thursday – To The Moon – Learn about the successes and failures of the early Apollo programs that led to NASA’s July 1969 manned lunar landing.
The Science in Small Bytes Series features free programs at noon on Fridays on a variety of topics:
June 6 – Hurricane Preparedness
June 13 – Star Gazing 101
June 20 – Hurricane Construction
June 27 – Star Gazing 101
July 4 – The Science of Flight
July 11 – Star Gazing 101
July 18 – Astrobiology
July 25 – Star Gazing 101
August 1 – The Size of Space
August 8 – NC’s Hurricane History – Guest speaker: Jay Barnes
August 15 – Ancient Aliens – Guest speaker: Fred David

Ingram Planetarium will present laser music shows this summer on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday:
Thursday – 6:00 Beatles; 7:00 Laser Retro; 8:00 U2
Friday – 6:00 New! Laser Country; 7:00 Led Zeppelin; 8:00 Metallica*
Saturday – 6:00 Laser Vinyl; 7:00 Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon; 8:00 Pink Floyd: The Wall*
On May 23, July 4, and August 29, the 7:00 laser music show will be Laser Spirit.
*Metallica and Pink Floyd: The Wall are not recommended for young children.

Ingram Planetarium is located at 7625 High Market Street in Sunset Beach, NC. Admission is free for Planetarium members and half-price for Dual members. Non-member per-show admission is $8 for adults (13-61), $7 for seniors (62+), $6 for children (3-12), and free for children age 2 and under. For more information about summer programs at the Planetarium, call 910-575-0033 or visit




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