View Now: The Winds Beach Camera

See streaming live video from our New Live Beach Camera! See what’s happening in real time on Ocean Isle Beach outside The Winds Resort Beach Club. See what’s going on at the beach, what the weather’s like, how many people are hitting the waves today and more. You can even see what it’s like at The Winds Oceanfront pool and the Tiki Bar too! If you’re coming to the beach make sure you use this great tool to tell you what the weather’s like with live weather conditions.

Or if you’re really missing the beach spend a few minutes there even if it’s only by WebCam!

Take control of our camera for 90 seconds and check on your favorite spot at The Winds. Zoom in and see what’s going on at The Tiki Bar or see an offshore fishing boat!

Camera hosting provided by HD Relay. For technical support related to the camera contact HD Relay (

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  1. Looks like a windy day at the OIB – thats ok….a windy day at the beach is better than a great day at work!

  2. Can’t wait to look at the beach cam in a cople of days and see Kim and Lorna serving up ice cold refreshing drinks! Just wish I was on the other side sitting there drinking one up.

  3. The beach webcam has gone missing again!

  4. Sorry Jim, the camera was taken out in a lightning storm a few weeks ago, and we got it back up and running. But now we’re installing a new safer system so it won’t happen again! We hope to have it back up and running asap!

  5. Hello Thirsty Tiki! Wish I was sitting and drinking with you on opening day!

  6. BilBiiolBbbbbB says:


  7. FOUR WEEKS FROM TODAY AND COUNTING…… I see my chair is empty now!!!

  8. Randy Morris says:

    Wonder about in dec.

  9. It varies, yesterday it was in the 40s, today mid-50s, tomorrow low 70s! A few colder days but not too bad down here!

  10. Debbie Wilhelm says:

    My hubby, pup-pup and I did not get to come in 2016. If the Lord is willing, we will be there in 2017. We really missed not coming.

  11. We didn’t get to come in 2016 either, but we just booked for this July!!!! LOVIN IT!!!!!!! Family, grand kids, in-laws. gonna be a great time. Been here many times. Its always good.

  12. Carol Hoxsie says:

    February 4, 2017
    Carol says:
    We didn’t get to come in 2016 either. Health problems kept us away. We started coming in 2005; I think. We love the peace and quiet so we come in spring before schools get out. We hope we can get our health in line to get there in the spring.

  13. Melonie Byrnes says:

    oh my what a good feeling to end a very hectic day! Such a nice idea . Really can’t wait until sept when we can be down there again.

  14. Is the Tiki Bar open to the general publc?

  15. Cindy, no it is for guests only. We are a little more lenient in the off-season for non-guest visitors, but from May-October it is for guests only.

  16. Carol Hoxsie says:

    Is the camera going to stay stationary? It was nice to see all the different areas of the beach. To see just the swimming pool and a little ocean to the West shows little of what the scenery is all about. It would be nice to be able to go to the different places. Is that going to be possible again?

  17. Carol,
    I apologize that the camera view options don’t seem to be working. I have contacted the support company to look into the problem. We hope to have it fixed soon! Thank you for letting us know about this. We hope you’ll keep using the beach camera!

  18. Claire Gritzinger says:

    Will be at the Tlki Bar in a few weeks! Get that MIc Ultra cold, Kim and Lorna! Jim will be looking for it. Would be nice if Carman were there, too – wine and cheese Thursdays – so fun!

  19. Carman says:

    Hey Claire and Jim! We will be there May 24! Hope to see y’all too!!!

  20. Carman

    Sorry we’re going to miss you this time – we were there the end of April. Hope to see you next time. Enjoy!!!

  21. James Mullis says:

    Everytime I see your email I smile because I get to see the beach. This time you showed more views, not just the pool view. Fabulous!!! Going to try to make a trip your way this summer or fall. Thanks for the view!

  22. Memorable everything!

  23. I just saw on camera one of the cats we made friends with when we stayed there in October. I needed that, very cool! LOVE IT!!

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