Watch the Video of OIB on National TV

Check out this clip from Today in America featuring Ocean Isle Beach!

Ocean Isle Beach on National TV

With Ocean Isle’s serene beauty and baby blue waters, it was made for television! Our beach was featured on Terry Bradshaw’s “Today in America” show.

If you’re not familiar with the show, Terry attempts to get away from the absurdity of mainstream television with outlandish celebrities and over-the -top reality shows, and get back to the real stories and real people and places in the country. It doesn’t restrict itself to any one category, “Today in America appeals to a broad audience. It captures the era of the changing economic times and digs into the knowledge and passion of each of its Featured Guests.”

This episode featured the best parts of our small beachside town, the native charm and the relaxed nature of the area. With our somewhat commercially undeveloped area, devoid  of high-rise motels and chain stores, Ocean Isle is one of the last few true beach towns on the east coast, one that should be recognized for it’s unique character.


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  1. My two favorites OIB and Terry B.

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