Our Sea Turtle Has a Name!

The Winds Sea Turtle Has a NameThe Winds Resort has partnered with the Ocean Isle Beach Sea Turtle Protection Organization and signed up to sponsor a Sea Turtle nest again this year and we asked for your help in naming our “turtle”  with our annual “Name Our Turtle” contest. We got some great and very creative name suggestions! Our nest was laid at 275 West First St. on Ocean Isle.

Our nest was laid on June 24th and boiled on August 23rd. There were a total of 89 eggs in the nest and 84 of those developed into hatchlings that made it to the water!

This year’s winning name is SeaYa! This name was submitted by James Kistler! Way to go James!

Coming in close behind in votes were Tiki Turtle, Welcome, and Miller. Thanks to everyone who submitted a name, there were so many great ones!

And don’t worry we will continue to post updates about the OIB turtles and nests throughout the season on our blog and on our Facebook page, so don’t forget to follow us on there to hear about the progress. And thanks again to the OIBSTPO for all their hard work and dedication to the sea turtles!

See a list of all the Nests on OIB


How You Can Help Our Sea Turtles: 

Guidelines to follow in the event that you see an adult, hatchlings, or an unmarked or marked nest:

To report any sea turtle activity on Ocean Isle Beach, call: 704-607-2027 or the Ocean Isle Beach Police Department 910-579-4221

*Do not disturb. If you see an adult sea turtle coming up on shore, stay quiet and keep your distance. Otherwise, the turtle may become frightened and return to the ocean without nesting. Sea Turtles are a threatened species and federal laws prevent harassment of these animals.

*Turn off all flashlights. Lights may confuse the adult female and prevent her from nesting.

*Lights cause hatchlings to go in the wrong direction. Please turn off all outside lights (porch, pool, etc.) each night. Also, close curtains or blinds at night in order to prevent indoor lights from leading the hatchlings away from the ocean.

*Never pick up a hatchling that is crawling towards the ocean. It is critical that they crawl on their own.

*Do not disturb the nest area. Watch for the nest markers.

*Stay off sand dunes and do not disturb sea oats. Sand dunes provide critical habitat for sea turtles and help prevent flooding during times of extreme tides and storms. Foot traffic kills plants and severely damages the sand dunes.

*Help us keep our beaches clean. Sea turtles may mistake a plastic bag or another form of litter for a jellyfish.

*All personal items and equipment must be removed from the beach each day. Turtles may become entangled in these items causing injuries to the turtle.

*Please fill in all holes on the beach before you leave. Holes can trap turtles and are a safety hazard to humans.

*Keep dogs on leashes at all times.

*Fireworks can frighten nesting sea turtles and leave behind trash that may be mistaken for food by marine wildlife. Discharge of fireworks is not permitted per North Carolina state laws.

*Please report all sightings of nesting turtles, dead turtles, unmarked nests, or crawls (looks like a bulldozer came out of the water) to the following organization: OIBSTPO www.oibseaturtles.org

To report any sea turtle activity on Ocean Isle Beach, call: 704-607-2027 or the Ocean Isle Beach Police Department  910-579-4221

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