See This Year’s Winners of Ocean Isle Beach Flotilla!

Ocean Isle Beach FlotillaThis year’s Annual Ocean Isle Beach Flotilla held up the tradition of being spectacular! The parade of lighted boats down the Intracoastal Waterway was nothing short of amazing. The boats were adorned with flashing lights and plenty of Christmas Spirit.

Here are a list of the winners:

2017 Winners:


#16 Alligator- TLC Counseling
David Fore and Ellen King

Small boat
#10 Neal and Sue Wycoff – SS Santa
#7 The Kyle Bulak Family – Charlie Brown Christmas
#1 The Craig Miller – Exploding Star
#13 Steve and Marie Turner – Holiday Fun

Big Boat
#14 Jeff and Heather Cox- Tractor
#11 The John Donoghue Family- God Bless America
#9 Dale and Lorraine Hayes – Ferris Wheel
#15 Katie & Brian Stanley and Brent and Joi – A Christmas Story (lamp)

Check out the photos and video below to see some of the incredible flotilla! For more information about this and upcoming flotillas visit

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